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Web Page - Water Requirements for Domestic Uses
Values given are averages only; actual consumption/use will vary with location, persons, animals, weather, and other factors.
Residence -- Rural
Each person per day, for all purposes 60 gal
Each horse, dry cow, or beef animal per day 12 gal
Each milking cow per day 35 gal
Each hog per day 4 gal
Each sheep per day 2 gal
Each 100 chickens per day 6 gal
Residence -- Urban
Drinking fountain, continuously flowing, per day 50-100 gal
Each shower 25-60 gal
To fill bathtub 35 gal
To fill sink 1-2 gal
To flush toilet 3-7 gal
To sprinkle ¼" of water on each 1000 square feet of lawn 160 gal
Dishwasher, per load 10-20 gal
Washing machine, per load 30-50 gal
Domestic water softener regeneration cycle 50-150 gal
By Fixtures
Shower 4-6 gpm
Bathtub 4-8 gpm
Toilet 4-5 gpm
Bathroom sink 1-4 gpm
Kitchen sink 2-5 gpm
½" hose and nozzle 200 gph
¾" hose and nozzle 360 gph
Lawn sprinkler 3-7 gpm

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Last updated 05/19/2003