Lengthen the life of septic systems with Bull Run's PVC alternation valve.

The Bull Run Valve, a new patented PVC alternating valve for septic systems can prolong the effective lines of drainage field dramatically by allowing an alternating flow of effluent to two separate halves of the drainage field.  Wastewater flow can be redirected quickly and easily, enabling unused portions of the drainage field to rest and regenerate optimum characteristics.

The valve itself is jam-proof, leak-proof and extremely durable.  Made from Polyvinyl Chloride, it is rugged and less expensive than a metal valve.  It is not susceptible to corrosion despite the highly corrosive nature of the fluid it handles.

The Bull Run Valve is designed to split effluent flow to distribution boxes.  In addition to the advantages of longer life and he easier installation, the valve is the most public health safety alternating device available for wastewater disposal applications.  The has absolutely no contact with wastewater due to the valves leak-proof and external operating characteristics.  The changeover from one draining field to another can be accommodated in less than a minute by simply turning a valve without digging or contacting wastewater.

The Bull Run Valve is available and 4" and is suitable werever septic tank disposal systems used -- in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Manufactured by American Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Patented No. 4,217,933
Last updated 05/10/2005