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PocketStar Plus (2X)
6 Station Indor Mount

Compact, easy to program, and economical all describe Pocketstar Plus (2X). The newly redesigned Pocketstar Plus (2X) provides all of the features including A and B schedules, flexible programming, and interval watering that are important in watering the landscape at most entry level homes.
  • Two independent programs A and B
  • Easy to program self-program for up to 8 cycles daily
  • Four star times per program for up to 8 cycles daily
  • Station timing in one-minute increments for precise watering requirements
  • Stations can be assigned to any or all programs (A,B,A and B)
  • 7-Day calendar specifies watering by day of week
  • Program odd days, even days, or Interval (1 to 28 days) day watering
  • Semi automatic programmable rain delay from 24-72 hours
  • 6 operation modes: Auto, Manual, Extra, Test, Rain Delay, Off
Display and User Interface
  • Positive Image LCD
  • AM/PM Clock
  • Station run time adjustment available "at a galnce"
  • 9 postiion center programming rotary dial
  • Program indicator "at a glance"
Wiring Terminal Block
  • Convenient screw type terminals accept #14 to #20 gauge wire
  • Two Common Terminals
  • Pump Start Terminal
  • Rain Sensor Terminals
  • Rain Sensor on/off switch
  • 24 VAC Input Terminals
  • Built in 10 minute per station default program
  • Battery program backup
  • Primary and secondary surge protection
  • 1 AMP replaceable fuse
Electrical Specifications
  • Input required: 117 VAC +/- 10%, 60 Hz 
  • Output: 26 VAC @ 0.25 A
  • Valve Capacity: Two 24 VAC solenoid valves per station or one valve with pump start
  • Approvals/Listings: UL® listed, CSA/CE approved
Mechanical Specifications
  • Mounting: one tear drop hole, two lower through holes
  • Height: 3-3/4"
  • Width: 4-1/2"
  • Depth: 1"
  • Inlet Size: 1"

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