Law Supply, Inc.
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401 South Jefferson
Magnolia, AR  71753
Phone: (870) 234-1940
Fax: (870) 234-3299
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We opened our door on October 1, 1976 to serve the public with all their plumbing, welding, HAVC, and electrical needs
Moved into our new building January 29th, 2001.

Meet Our Law Supply Family
We are pleased to be of service to you
Jim Law

     Title: President
Birth date: 03/08/1962
 Interests: motorcycles
            gourmet cooking
Sandra Law

     Title: Vise President
Birth date: 04/04/1962
 Interests: live theatre
            romance movies
            her Grandbabies
Chasity Shocklee

     Title: Counter Sales
            Daughter of Jim & Sandra Law
Birth date: 05/18/1981
 Interests: hunting
            and friends
David Law

     Title: Warehouse Foreman, Counter Salaes
            Son of Jim & Sandra Law
Birth date: 09/19/1983
 Interests: Jennifer Law
            his daughter Elizabeth Ann
Jennifer Lynn Law

     Title: Counter Sales, customer assistant
            Wife of David Law
Birth date: 12/01/1987
 Interests: David Law
            her daughter Elizabeth Ann
Dwayne Shocklee

     Title: Warehouse, customer assistant
Birth date: 04/03/1974
 Interests: kids

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Law Supply, Inc. (also known as Law Plumbing Supply) 401 S. Jefferson, Magnolia, AR 71753, Phone-(870)234-1940, Fax-(870)234-3299