Law Supply, Inc.
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Caulks & Adhesives 
Drain & Septic Cleaners
Pipe Thread Sealants
Plastic Pipe Cements
HVAC Cemicals
Heatproof Grease
  • lubricatexs faucet stems, valves, ext. ...
  • will not washe out with water
GR-1     2-1/2 OZ. CAN
  • non-oily, displaces moisture
  • penetrates to loosen rusted parts
  • lubricates, seals and protects metal
WD-40     11 OZ.
MSDS Sheets

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Last updated 03/20/2007
Law Supply, Inc. (also known as Law Plumbing Supply) 401 S. Jefferson, Magnolia, AR 71753, Phone-(870)234-1940, Fax-(870)234-3299
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