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Plumber's Putty
  • Oatey brand
  • stainless fixture setting compound for setting frames, faucets, strainer baskets, etc.
  • not for use on marble or plastic
31166     14 OZ.
Plumber's Putty
  • Hercules brand
  • stainless fixture setting compound for setting frames, faucets, strainer baskets, etc.
  • not for use on marble or plastic
25-101     14 OZ.
25-103     3 LB.
Wet-R-Dry Roofing Cement
  • All-weather plastic
  • chemically fortified to bond to water-covered, damp or dry surfaces
  • great for emergency repairs under wet conditions
CAU-0636   10-oz. Cartridge
25-405     Qt. Can
25-410     Gal. Can
100% Silicone
  • NSF® approved sealant
  • permanently flexible
  • won't crack or shrink
  • waterproof, weatherproof
CAU-00683   White  3-oz.Tube
CAU-00683   Clear  2.8-oz.Tube
CAU-08640   White  10-oz. Cartridge
CAU-08641   Clear  10-oz. Cartridge
CAU-08649   Almond 10-oz. Cartridge

Tub & Tile Caulk
  • rubber-like acrylic sealant
  • odorless, non-flammable, mildew resistant, water clean-up
  • paintable, won't stain or bleed
  • meets ASTM Spec C 834-76
CAU-441049   White   6-oz. Tube
CAU-443007   Almond  6-oz. Tube

Tub & Tile
Adhesive Caulk
  • premium quality water based caulk for use in high humidity areas such as bathroom and kitchen
  • paintable, water resistant
  • mildew proof, guaranteed
CAU-441260   White   6-oz. Tube
CAU-441261   Almond  6-oz. Tube
CAU-441262   Clear   6-oz. Tube

White Latex Caulk
  • general purpose formula applies easily, dries quickly
  • paintable
  • won't stain or bleed
  • 15 yr. durability
CAU-441048      10-oz Cartridge
Siliconized Acrylic Latex Caulk
  • fill cracks and joints up to1" wide by 1/2" deep in a single application
  • cures to rubbery seal - withstands joint movement of 36%, 18% compression, 18% extension
  • long lasting - life expectancy of cured sealant-in-place is approximately 20 years
CAU-441047     10-oz Cartridge
Beats Nails
  • high-strength, water resistant bond
  • quick-grab - needs less bracing and holding
  • exceeds ASTM C557-73 specs
  • water Based, low oder
  • low VOC formula
  • works on most tub enclosures including fiberglass and ceramic
CAU-25082     10.3-oz. Cartridge
Master Mend
  • makes strong weather resistant repairs to almost any surface
  • quick set

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Putty
  • sets hard in 20 minutes
  • will not sag or run
  • sand, drill, grind, tap, paint and machine it
  • will work under water
Pipe Repair Kit
  • easy to use
  • hardens in minutes
  • bonds to any pipe material
  • for use on pipe up to 1"
  • Rectorseal brand
  • PDF - Speck Sheet
Shower Pan Liner Solvent
  • for splicing PVC shower pan material
  • IPS Brand #660
441003    PT. Can

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