Septic Tank and
Cesspool Cleaner

Dissolves all organic matter including hair, grease, paper, wood, etc from clogged, sluggish, malfunctioning cesspools, septic tanks and grease traps. Use  Septic Tank and Cesspool Cleaner to rapidly liquefy grease and dissolve sludge and deposits on baffles, floats, pump housings. Pumping will be required to remove inorganic solids which are not digested by anaerobic or aerobic bacteria in disposal systems.

Note: Recently pumped septic systems which still have backups may have a drainage area problem which may be correctable with other Hercules products.

Non-acid formula will not harm concrete, cinder block or metal tanks, plastic, clay, or cast iron sewer lines. Ideal for emergency use to temporarily eliminate back-ups and overflows. (These problems often are indicators of an over-filled septic or cesspool which will usually require pumping.)
Last updated 10/01/2005