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Triple "D" Premium Alkaline Coil Cleaner
  • alkaline-based, non-foaming, non-toxic, biodegradable
  • unique, triple-action degreaser, detergent, deoderant
  • use to clean condensers, evaporators and electronic air filters
  • will not attack aluminum or other soft metals when mixed as directed
  • concentrated, minimum 6-1 mix ratio provides full, effective cleaning power at low-use cost
  • USDA Authorized
RFC-SCM-707-32     QT.
RFC-SCM-707-01     GAL.
This chart shows the relative safety of Triple "D"™ when compared to typical acid and alkaline foaming coil cleaners. Through the course of 5 cleaning cycles, a typical coil cleaner may cause up to 25% of the cooling fin mass to be lost. With this loss of metal, heat transfer efficiency will be lost as well. Triple "D"™s inhibited formula, on the other hand, provides effective cleaning but does not attack the cooling fin metal, so heat transfer efficiency is preserved.

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Last updated 13/19/2007